Its presence, however, is subtle, thus preserving the feel and beauty of the historic chalet while making it comfortable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Technology is here to enhance guests’ alpine experience and has simple interface designed specifically for ease of use.


Wi-Fi is available throughout the property providing easy access to the Internet, email and texting. Wi-Fi boosters are present to ensure connectivity throughout the chalet. For those who prefer greater security, the Chalet has been hard wired, ultra high-speed broadband connections. These are available in all the bedrooms and main rooms. There are also universal outlets available throughout which eliminates the need for international adaptors.


Each bedroom and main room has a user plate where guests can plug in their iPhone, iPod, laptop, etc. Music can be streamed through the in-built room speakers, camcorders or DVDs can be played on the TV screens.

Each of the bedrooms and main rooms have TV where you can view the satellite channels, DVDs or what is stored on your own device.


The lights operate through a lighting system which has been pre programmed with preferred room sets for ease of use. Lighting in certain common areas such as hallways and stairs are motion activated, so lights are not on when they are not needed. Guests need not search in the dark to find a light switch. The toilets are fitted with low level LEDs which guide you at night to the conveniences.

The remote controls have been especially formatted for their ease of use by all users.


Under floor heating ensures that gentle, ambient heat fills the rooms rather than traditional, intense, drying heat from radiators. This keeps the wood and guests from drying out during the winter months.

Kitchen induction heated burners boil water in 60 seconds but won’t burn your hand if you touch it. The kitchen and the tap in the Bar dispense instance chilled, purified, boiling, carbonated or hand hot water with the touch of a simple button.


There are no traditional keys to the property. Access is via a proximity reader. These can be in the form of a credit card like card, or clipped to a watch strap. These will allow access to the property for the duration of your stay. Each guest can be issued with a reader to avoid the ‘where’s the key syndrome?’ The ski lift pass can also be loaded onto the same chip.

Chalet L'Arole
1 Cret de Nex


Villars sur Ollon 

CH - 1885


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