Six CCTV cameras are positioned around the perimeter. The recording is accessible to the guest when he or she has the code, either on site or remotely online. The cameras support infra-red clear night vision.


The Chalet has a hidden panic room.


There is an alarm system that serves the property. It can be zone programmed to guests' specific requests. The alarm system has been specified with PIRs, door and window contacts.


Internally there is a hardwired smoke alarm system fitted throughout coupled with hardwired emergency lighting. The external staircase on the north elevation serves as a fire escape route from the top two floors. The other two floors being served by multiple ground floor exit routes.


The door access control system records a complete history of who has been through which door when in operation. The exterior doors are controlled on this system as can be a number of the bedrooms. The fobs to operate the doors can be in the form of the traditional credit card like device or the more interesting version where a band is attached onto a watch strap, for example. In the event that a fob is lost they can be deactivated with ease giving peace of mind to the guest.

Chalet L'Arole
1 Cret de Nex


Villars sur Ollon 

CH - 1885


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